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Goodman mini split losing freon continuously. Nothing but trouble since spending 3500 dollars in nov. 2013. Googled complaints, class action suit for defective freon lines. Piece of junk. Service people recommended unit. Called GOODMAN CONSUMER AFFAIRS . They are not too concerned. Have filed consumer complaint with Tn. Consumer Affairs Division hoping for a resolutuion. If no satisfactory... Read more

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Was reading other posts and thought I would chime in. A tech from another company once told me when my Goodman system went down that this company had a bad reputation. He explained that Goodman's systems are manufactured in Mexico (so he thought) with cheap parts and materials. That is why, he noted, that Goodman offers no long-term warranties for their products. These systems may be... Read more

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My home was new in 2010 and just before the 2 yr mark the coil was leaking, part was warranty but not the labor at a cost of $1500 a year later guess whats leaking so I contact the wonderful Goodman mfg. corp. and they proceed to tell me what the warranty is. I know its worthless but when asking for goodwill assistance you might just as well talk to the wall. Nursed it along and replaced the... Read more

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My home was newly constructed in 2008 and I began to have problems with my a/c freezing up in 2011. I called the company that originally installed the unit after paying several hundreds of dollars for adding freon to several different companies. The original installers came to my home and said I had a leak in my inside coil system, ordered a new one because it was still under warranty. Months... Read more

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A Goodman AC and Furnace was installed in my home 7 years ago. I just learned that the evaporation coil needed to be replaced at a cost of $1800. This coil was causing the unit to lose Freon quickly. I can pay to have this coil replaced but was advised that the warranty would be short and a whole new unit would have to be replaced in less than 5 years. I chose not to replace the coil but pay... Read more

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Bought a Goodman 3 ton 2 years ago. Now no AC, coil is leaking. That was August 24 2015, it is now Sept 15 2015 and still waiting for the under warranty coil. Just got off the phone with consumer affairs, was told it should be here by Sept 29th, you've gotta be f@&$king kidding me, over a month to receive a part and they charge 150 bucks shipping and I have to pay for new freon. Meanwhile my... Read more

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High electric bill, runs non stop! Goodman 3.5 packaged unit GPH1342H41I had this unit installed on Jan. 2015 DURING cool months. Right away I noticed it wasn't blowing cold air at all. My tech told me that it was due to it being cooler outside. Then I asked him to turn on the heater and that wasn't blowing enough heat. So months later and many calls to the tech, my unit is still giving me... Read more

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1st of all, most of you need to learn to spell. Most of these negative reviews seem to be people that purchased their equipment on-line and then had some Gomer, that thinks he knows how to install either a Furnace, AC or Heat Pump, attempt to do so. Sorry folks - you can't do that and then expect the Manufacturer to pick up the tab when it fails. If you read the warranty info on the Goodman Mfg... Read more

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DO NOT BUY ANY GOODMAN OR AMANA PRODUCTS FOR YOUR A/C UNITS. YOU WILL BE SORRY AS THOUSANDS OF OTHERS ARE. Goodman evaporator coils required replacement under warranty. They cover the $120 part and I have paid $1,200 for 2 different units due to defects. Units and house are only 4 years old and still under warranty. The company according to records knew well before this in 2007 time frame that... Read more

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In 2008 we purchased a Amana Goodman heating n a/c unit from Gilmore Heating n Air in Placerville Ca. were told at the time it was the "top of the line energy efficient unit (like a Mercedes is next to a Kia)." Right from the get go when it was installed we had problems it would not work so Gilmore the seller bought us a cord of wood to keep us warm because we had no heat other than our... Read more

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