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  • Jul 21
  • Appliances and Electronics
  • Heatpump Purchase
  • 13

Bought a Goodman Heatpump in 2008. Has gone through 1 compressor and 3 reversing valves. 10 year warranty? Have had to pay for parts and freon 3 times!! Have gone without AC and heat for ~1.5 years waiting to see if they will cover the bad parts. Customer service at this company is worthless. Filed a complaint via their Consumer Affairs and never got a reply. Will never buy another Goodman... Read more

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  • Jul 16
  • Building Products
  • Frederick, Maryland
  • Products Replacement
  • 10

This heat pump was installed when my new house was built in May 2010. In January 2011 it required piston replacement when it stopped heating the home. Then in June 2012 it required a replacement of the indoor evaporator coil when it stopped producing A/C. Then in June 2014 it required replacement of the outdoor evaporator coil when it stopped producing A/C. So in the first 4 years, it has... Read more

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Have been trying to get replacement part since June30,2014 it is now July15.They keep making excuses why it is not here.I live in Florida and it is 95 degrees,too hot to be without ac.I would not recommend Goodman to anyone . Their service SUCKS Add comment

  • Jul 14
  • Building Products
  • Ashburn, Virginia
  • Goodman Central Air Conditioner
  • 34

My Goodman Central AC unit was installed in May 2013. It worked fine the first season. When I went to turn it on in May of 2014, it didn't work. The fan turned on but the compressor would kick on which meant that I had warm air blowing. The service tech came out and told me that I had a refrigerant leak and when the refrigerant gets too low it prevents the compressor from kicking on. He... Read more

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  • Jul 08
  • Building Products
  • Lafayette, Louisiana
  • Goodman Ac
  • 2
  • 17

We bought a Goodman AC unit two years ago. We are now in the horrible summer heat with no ac. I called Goodman Consumer Affairs only to be told that parts take 7-10 days to be delivered. I find that ridiculous fora person to go that long without ac. Goodmsn obviously isonly about making a dollar and not interested in backing their products. I will never again purchase any of Goodman's... Read more

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  • Jul 02
  • Building Products
  • Phenix City, Alabama
  • Hvac Repairs
  • 23

I have submitted documentation to the Consumer Affairs dept. at Goodman about repairs on all three of our units on the same problems with coils etc. Our builder installed these units, and we had no reason to doubt the the products would not be good quality given the name of the company. We have spend almost $5000 on repairs in the 6 years we have owned our home. Goodman refused to stand by... Read more

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Our Goodman package unit is leaking freon and is less than 2 years old. Google goodman defective coils or google goodman class action suit before you buy one. Add comment

  • Jun 29
  • Building Products
  • Kannapolis, North Carolina
  • Heat Pump
  • 26

Bought unit in 2010. Still under warranty. Two compressors two coils and hundreds of dollars in labor unit still would not work goodman consumer affairs is useless and has lied to Bbb and other regulatory agencies. No wonder they have so many complaints and class action lawsuits. Wished I had researched better. Worst product and worst customer service ever. Do your research on goodman warranty... Read more

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  • Jun 15
  • Other
  • Hvac
  • 22

During high heat and when ac work, there is a metallic odor coming out of the vents. Goodman rep says she does not smell it and left. then, they replace the furnace but smell is not gone. i think it is from the furnace or aluminium coil or aluminium heat exchanger. why do i have to ad 100 words. this is ridiculous. i am not going to waste my time to tell you more. I am unhappy with the... Read more

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  • Jun 09
  • Building Products
  • Fayetteville, Tennessee
  • Company Complaints
  • 59

Folks need to specify what unit they are complaining about. Goodman did not get to be the #1 AC supplier with issues such that are posted. Is it the basic units? The higher seer units? All the reviews are useless without identifying the product/model the complaint is about. The sun is bright and all involved should be praying for solutions to their issues. Take care not to blow a gasket because... Read more

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