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I just put new 4 ton heat pump 15 seer from Goodman.

This is a junk almost 4 weeks not heat,many parts had to replace still no good. Thay will not give you a new unit. make you freez.

Goodman will tell you dealer has responsebility. but dealer will not help you. delay and delay. use 300kw per day if heat pump is on!!!

almost burn the house down. do not buy From Goodman , if you are minolity.

it get worse like me no responce.

spend more mony to buy from other.

Even unit is working my old unit had beeter heat than this.

low heat out put, high electric bill. cheep product.They will treat you bad. Goodman !!!what is good????

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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Summerville, South Carolina, United States #841566

I purchased a split unit (models ARUF1582416, S/N 11050053570 AND GSZ130214, S/N 1108669841)which was installed on 10/23/2011 and I have had issues with both.Today the condensing unit quit working and the service tech found a control wire laying on the refrigerant line.

Since installation, the wire produced a hole in the refrigerant line due to electrical resistance and mechanical abrasion(? thereby allowing all refrigerant to escape. About a month ago, the unit froze up due to loss of refrigerant at the schrader valve on the evaporator coil.

I understand neither of these manufacturing problems are covered by my warranty since the warranty doesn't cover "labor" or "refrigerant" loss.If this is the case, I will certainly never buy another Goodman product and you can be assured I will tell all who will listen about the my belief that poor manufacturing practices (poor wiring management and plastic shrader valve/cap)were the cause of these expensive (to me) failures.


am a consumer of a Goodman heat pump who as had enough of the poor quality product that Goodman is making.I say this because i just had to purchase a new unit after 4 years ($2800) I went with a Rudd.

It is time to hold this company accountable for what they are doing to consumers, stay turned I will find a attorney who will take this case. It is "TIME WE MAKE A STAND AND DO SOMETHING" Enough is enough.

My unit was worked on more that 7 times in the past 4 years from everything from reversing valves, to bad welds inside the unit ,to a bad condenser coil , now my compressor is bad. I don't hold my installer at fault,nor there suppler, it starts with GOODMAN they made it, the suppler sells it, and the installer installs it. They had no part in making it ,Goodman did ,they built the junk and expect us to roll over and take it and cut our losses not no more.

If we all stand together what do we have to lose.18dc222


stay away from the goodman units.All parts are bad.

We;re having ours replaced and its only 5 years old.Bad news.


I'm a licensed HVAC contractor in the Houston area who occasionally sells

Goodman equipment and I can honestly say that Goodman is just as Good as any other brand, they use the exact same compressor as Carrier, Rheem or Trane, same for all the other misc parts such as fan motors, capacitors, relays ect.. ect.. are all the same and are usually made in China or Mexico.

the key to a long lasting HVAC system is having it installed by someone who knows what they're doing then having it serviced atleast once a year in the spring and preferably once in the fall to. Also be aware that there is NO manufacture's warranty when you purchase equipment over the internet

if there's a warranty it's thru the company that sold you the unit.


Steve Spears

Spears AC & Heating TACLB 27674E

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