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We moved into are new home in 2009. Are house has a Goodman Ac unit all electric.

Within the first few months they had to replace the inside coil. The tech that put the new coil in didn't remove a small piece of plastic. So 2 days later it clogged up and water came into my new house in my new walls and my $6000 wood floors! They came out and fixed the problem.

Then 2010 we had more problems with water coming into the house because of the 1st and secondary pans overflowing. Then it would hold water on the secondary pan all of the time. It would also blow black flakes into the house all of the time. In 2011 we had the same issues again water overflowing and coming into the house.

Then 2013 we had the inside thermasad go out. Then one night in 2014 it was 1am in the morning. All of the scoll detectors went off, we had 2 get out of the house. This was me, my wife and my 2 young girls.

Afterwards we found out that the black flakes landed on the heater strip. So once again I got them out and finally fixed the unit holding water. They cleaned the fan because there was some kind of build up on it. And it was fine.

They agreed 2 replace some the parts up stairs. Well at the time the unit was out of warnenty at that time so I waited. Now as of 9/4/14 my Ac is no longer cooling. So I called them back out and the new coil has a leak in it and the outside unit also.

So they are willing to give me a new coil but we have to pay for the labor and the r-22. So when does it stop? We should we the consumer be stuck with cheap ***! Why can't the manufacturer make it like they did in the years before?

This is my 3rd house and the newest!

My other 2 houses were over 30 years old and I never had problems with those ac's! I would give this Goodman away and take one of those in a heart beat!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Lititz, Pennsylvania, United States #934039

Why can't the manufacturer make it like they did in the years before?

They can. Just people are not willing to pay the much higher price of the higher quality anymore.

You had as much dealer problem, as equipment problem.

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