Attempted to e mail Goodman mfg ref complain about warrantee

Received a "auto" generated reply stating do not reply to auto generated reply. That was 19 days ago!

AS OF THIS DATE NO NO NO REPLY!!!! Question the integrity/customer service of this company!!!! I attempted to re email the Co but was unable to do so. Guess there is a filter on the e mail site that only allows one to e mail one time!!!

I am wondering what to do to get this Co to reply to my inquiry! A simple email or phone call a letter??

Right now I would settle for a "smoke" signal???

Have an AIRBORNE day!!!!

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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Brandenburg, Kentucky, United States #768753

Same thing with me. Goodman answered 1st email.

Not receiving anymore responses.

Kennewick, Washington, United States #757599

File with better business bureau. I have problem with plastic burning smell. We need to complain and complain to bbb till they stop these bastards from selling their defective parts

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